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Brenham is home to one of the most business friendly cities in the nation when it comes to taxes. We have a much lower property tax rate compared to other metropolitan cities in Texas, and no corporate or personal income tax. Below you will find information on our local and state sales, property, and hotel occupancy tax rates.

Sales and Use Tax
Total 8.25%
City of Brenham 1.50%
Washington County 0.50%
State of Texas 6.25%


Property Tax
Total 2.0984
City of Brenham 0.5170
Washington County 0.3963
Blinn College 0.0601
Brenham ISD 1.1250


Hotel Occupancy Tax
Total 13.00%
City of Brenham 7.00%
Washington County 7.00%
State of Texas 6.00%