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Brenham EDF History

In 1953, twelve local businessmen formed Brenham Industrial Foundation (BIF) as an arm of the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. The BIF acquired land that was specifically for business development and expansion.  The first company that was recruited by BIF was Maddox Furniture Company, and then in 1959 Sealy Mattress.  Brenham Industrial Foundation changed its name to Economic Development Foundation (EDF) of Brenham in 1995 after Brenham voters approved the adoption of 4B Sales Tax.  Shortly thereafter the Brenham Business Center began development.  The first businesses that located in Brenham Business Center were Tarlton Supply and Del Sol Food Co.  Brenham EDF was instrumental in developing the community coalition to expand Blinn College’s technical education programs by building the AW Hodde Technical Education Center located in Brenham Business Center.

Join Brenham EDF

The Brenham Economic Development Foundation is an independent 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.  There are currently over 250 active members of the Brenham EDF.  Membership shares are sold for $50 each and you may choose to purchase one share, or one hundred.  If you are interested in purchasing a share in the Brenham Economic Development Foundation and becoming a member, please contact the EDF executive committee at Info@BrenhamEDF.com or more information.  By becoming a member, you will join a group of people who believe in Brenham and have invested in Brenham’s future.